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There has always been a lot of events, batreps, and other cool things that either get sent in to me, or I have found in my reading online that I just don't get the opportunity to cover. A lot of these events could also benefit from a little publicity, and in most cases deserve a lot more attention than I have been able to give them in the current Faeit 212 format.

It all starts today.

I am expanding the site to accomplish more of these things, and best of all, every single event that gets published on the Community News site will feature on the front page of the Faeit 212 through the feed along the right hand side of the site.

The idea is for people interested in sharing or wanting to get more exposure for their batreps, local tournaments, events, campaigns, and even kickstarters, a place to publish articles promoting them.

So if you are running an event, have a batrep to share, running a kickstarter or other event that involves tabletop wargaming, this is a chance for you to share it with the audience here on Faeit 212. To do this all you will have to do is email me at natfka@live.com or use the blogger contact form at the bottom of this page.

So shoot me an email, and lets get started.
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  1. hey Natfka, new website looks good, will have an influx of stuff to send your way post xmas. [mainly marine, ork and nid related articles]. it's good that you have more coverage to the fanatics of the hobby [and the occasional neckbeard].

    1. Just shoot me an email when you are ready, and we can get you set up.


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