Hey guys,
My name is Dean Sinnbeck and I run a facebook based blog called Blog For The Blog God, it is a Khorne themed 40k blog with everything from Tactical articles, unit reviews, modeling tutorials and much much more!

Check it out at:

For my first contribution to the Faeit212 community news I wanted to share a cinematic, narrative driven battle report that I made a while back. It is packed full of  special effects, animation and sound effects! Check it out here:


I have plans to develop this into a full series depicting the battles between my World Eaters and my brothers Space Wolves ending in an epic Apocalypse battle representing the first war of Armageddon :)

Let me know what you think on my facebook page :)

Dean Sinnbeck
Blog for The Blood God


  1. Nice. I love narrative batreps! I'm tired of 10 minute, dry videos solely intended for competive play. I'll go check it out.

    1. they are top notch batreps. been following them for about 3-6 months and they are only getting better. has some thematic metal as well for the BG music which sets the scene of battle nicely.

      though i am a fan of both the shorter and longer i prefer the longer Batreps.


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