Fólkvangr Events, in partnership with Worhamma and Flipside Café, are proud to present their first wargaming retreat, Kings of the North.

Kings of the North is a weekend residential wargaming retreat, offering tournaments and campaigns for Dystopian Wars/Dystopian Legions, Malifaux, Warhammer 40,000 and the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game.

This event will be held from 17th to 19th April at the Moor House Adventure Centre just outside of the historic city of Durham.
“We set out to establish a unique event for the UK” said Michael Botterill of Fólkvangr Events. “Centred on epic battles, good food, otherworldly settings, leisure and friendship. Here you are our honoured guest.”
The price for a full residential ticket for Kings of the North is just £66, for which you get
  • Accommodation for two nights
  • All meals and refreshments provided throughout the weekend
  • Entry into the tournament(s)/campaign of your choice
  • Welcome Pack
  • Exclusive Friday night gaming and campfire
  • Board games library, open gaming and evening events on the Saturday
  • Access to the bar, Flipside Café and Worhamma shop
In addition to the full residential tickets, camping residential tickets are also offered for £55 and day tickets at £22 a day.
The evening activities include a quiz, open gaming tables, a tabletop games library, RPG sessions, the chance to try out some game systems that you not have tried before with games demonstration teams from Wyrd Miniatures, Spartan Games, and board game demonstrations from Atlas Games and Steve Jackson Games
This is your chance to become fully immersed in complete gaming enjoyment. Come for the day, come for two, or stay on site for the true Kings of the North experience.
Full residential places are limited so act now. 
You can book a place in the tournament by buying a ticket at our website: kings-of-the-north.co.uk.

About Us

The idea behind Kings of the North is simple – get a bunch of guys (and gals!) together and stick them in one place to play games for the weekend. Have fun, have a laugh. Hopefully want to come back and do it all again next year.
Behind every simple idea is a lot of work and that requires a team – ours consists of 3 guys and one girl (and wherever your mind is going it can stop right there!)
Those 4 are otherwise known as the team from Folkvangr Events and the wonderful guys from Worhamma and Flipside Café, as well as a consortium of other helpers including MiBs from Steve Jackson Games, Atlas Games Special Ops, Malifaux henchmen and Spartan Gamers Vangaurds who are all making this event work for you, the gamer.
Fólkvangr Events is the brainchild of Michael, coerced, pushed, dragged and otherwise extracted from the dusty recesses of his mind into flaming reality with the help of Megan. The idea behind Fólkvangr Events: what is the ultimate war gaming experience and how can we provide it? What is the best time you can possibly have with fellow war gamers filled with opportunities to try fantastic new games as well as play those you love, all whilst getting some awesome food cooked for you as well! The answer? Ultimate war gaming weekends packed full of great games, great company, great food and a great time. This is what Folkvangr Events is dedicated to bringing you.
Kings of the North is the first wargaming retreat that Fólkvangr Events have organised and both Michael and Megan would like to thank the guys at Worhamma/Flipside Café for helping to make it happen.
Established in Sunderland by Andrew and Victor as a club for themselves and their friends, Worhamma has quickly grown into one of the premier war gaming clubs in the country, playing a variety of systems including Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40,000, Malifaux and Dystopian Wars as well as a fantastic variety of board games. Worhamma also operate a shop at the club where you can get your latest fix of models and games.
Worhamma meets every Thursday evening at St Anne’s Community Centre in Sunderland and at the Flipside Cafe in Sunderland city centre on Sundays.
Opened by Andrew and Victor, the guys behind Worhamma, Flipside Café offers fantastic brews, brilliant banter and some great board games. As well as being a café it is also Sunderland’s friendly local gaming store, where you can buy some awesome board games and reinforcements for your miniature armies.
Sunday evenings also play host to the Worhamma club, where you can play board games, RPGs and war games.
Flipside Cafe will be running a store at Kings of the North where you will be able to buy from a wide range of board and card games as well as brand new models to add to your armies. They will also be selling beer and snacks throughout the day into the evening on the Friday and Saturday nights.


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