It's Vegas, Baby!
The Las Vegas Open is occurring February 20th-22nd and is a full service tabletop gaming con located in fabulous Las Vegas, right on the strip in the Flamingo Casino. We have 30,000 sqft of space and are expecting over 1,000 gamers this year, having a blast.

Purchase your event tickets here. You can buy one day passes which get you into all of the Warmachine and Hordes events for that day, or get a 3 day pass and save some money. Be sure to also get your con badge, too, which is what gets you into the event.

We are giving out some INCREDIBLE prizes for the Warmachine and Hordes players. The winner of the day time event each day, will win a Colossal or Gargantuan painted by the extremely talented, Tyson Koch of Figure Painters. Here's a shot of his previous work to get an idea of the quality! 

Full Image

We're also giving out tons of prizes for all other events, appearance, generalship, etc. But, the BIG prize is for the top individual that qualifies for Warmachine Weekend will get a voucher that covers up to $500 in travel expenses to get there! That's right, we will pay for you to go to the event if you are the top dog at the LVO.

The event also has some of, if not the best looking tables you will ever play Warmachine on. Each table will have one of our very popular F.A.T. Mats on it, fully painted, gorgeous terrain, chess clocks, and some feature tables such as this one from the last LVO to create an impressive experience. 

We will also have a full service bar in the tournament hall, and tons of fun social events like Beerhammer, Pub Crawls, etc. to make the most of having an event in Vegas! So come and join us for a great 3 days of gaming.

The Frontline Gaming team. 


  1. Las Vegas, I love to see such a large group of Warhammer players in the U.S. I am currently helping gather a large Warhammer group in the Salt Lake City, UT area. We currently have ten total people coming every sunday from 12pm-5pm. We are located at, and if you want updates on our escalation league battle follow me on my blog at! Great gaming everyone, lets show what the U.S. can do!


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