"Hello! And Welcome to Skaredcast."

Thanks to Naftka for the opportunity to contribute to the online hobby community through his community site! I am very excited to add content to the feed and I hope that you all enjoy it. So, first things first, a little about myself, an introduction.

My name is Ridvan (AKA Skari, AKA "Dirty"). I currently reside in Ontario Canada and have been playing wargames for well over a decade. My main army are the Dark Eldar, although I am also known to use my Black Templars once in a while. I am an avid organizer of leagues, tournaments and campaigns in my local area so you can expect content that relates to that. I film a large number of battle reports (that you can find on the youtube channel HERE) also tacticas. I do have a 40k related podcast that as well (that you can find HERE). But shameless plugs aside I wanted to say hello and I look forward to adding content!.

Thanks a lot for tuning in.
Skari - out.


  1. if you like Dark Eldar then you'll like this guy's blog/podcasts.

  2. I second that. In fact, if you're a general 40k fan you'll like SkaredCast. Nice short bat reps with good tactical explanation. Played by people who know the rules, nicely painted armies (occasionally some are wip) and good scenery.


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