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When the Cadian 33rd made planetfall on the agri world of Bromar III, they arrived on a planet that was already doomed. Due to the vagaries of warp travel & the infamously slow Imperial bureaucracy the 33rd had arrived far too late to aid the Imperial defence which had been shattered by a splinter of hivefleet Jormugdur. 

Such was the confusion that reigned in orbit that the vanguard of the 33rd was deployed before they were appraised of the dire strategic situation. High Castellan Uskar Creed, who has lead the vanguard of the 33rd in its planetfall, cursed the fools who had lead him & his fine men into this easily avoided death trap. Tyranids were already assaulting the drop zone perimeter in growing numbers & ferocity. 

The High Castellan issued his orders to both his men on the ground & the Imperial Navy above: The elements of the Cadian 33rd on the surface were to redeploy for all round defence & await extraction. The navy was to hold back the hive fleet and buy time for the 33rds drop ships to ferry the Cadians back into orbit. 

As more & more Cadians were successfully evacuated the perimeter contracted & the Tyranids came ever closer to overrunning the landing zone. Creed directed a masterful defence & vowed to be the last man to leave the surface but the tactical reality of the situation both on the ground & in space meant that not all of the Cadians on the surface could be evacuated. 

The impassioned pleas if his men swayed Creed & he made ready to board the last transport just as the Tyranid horde launched it's finally overwhelming attack. The descending transport was destroyed by a swooping Tyranid creature of great size. Frantic box hails were made & another transport sent to evacuate the High Castellan, such was his importance, but the final Tyranid assault was underway and it would take time for another transport to arrive...

Deployment - Special Deployment
Mission - Special Mission: Tyranids - Endless swarm rule coming in from every corner. For every barricade they clear they receive 1pt and if they manage to kill Lord Castellan Creed before he is air lifted away they automatically win the game

(Imperial Guard) Objective is very simple Creed must Survive 6 rounds of battle. Turn 4 see's Imperial Guard air support come in flying and shooting, they land in turn 5 and air lift Creed to safety on turn 6 if they do this they receive 5pts
Points - 1750pts

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