Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report #6 (Blood Angels Vs Daemons of Khorne)

When death came to the planet Bericad it came suddenly. Blood seeped from the very earth, the sky turned a reddish hue & from the shadows came the daemons of Khorne. Within days several hives were turned into charnel houses as the daemons constructed pyramids of skulls to summon more of their kind to the slaughter. Luckily, Bericads desperate pleas for help were received by a small Blood Angels task force returning from a series of punitive actions in the Selukid stars. The force, led by Lord Commander Dante himself, made all speed for Bericad. Seeing that the planet was lost Dante gave his orders, the Blood Angels would form a defensive cordon around Bericads last starport & protect the millions of refugees streaming onto transports there. The daemons were drawn to this fearful mass of humanity as moths are drawn to a flame. Gorged on blood and slaughter they raced towards the starport almost heedless of the newly arrived Blood Angels fire.

Deployment - Hammer & Anvil 

Mission - "Desperate Plea " (Special Mission) For every unit The Blood Angel's destroy they receive 1VP and for every unit of Daemons that passes over their opponents table edge, Daemons receive 2VP. Also everytime a Daemon Unit is destroyed or cross's the table edge (except the lord of skulls) they can deep strike as a full unit back in any of the centre board tiles like an endless swarm!

Points - 2000pts

View full report here - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1512867558928154.1073741835.1501187533429490&type=3


  1. Looks like a fun game. I know the internet says that Sanguinary Guard are bad, but I just love them. They did well in my Apocalypse game (below) as well.

    The Imperial Knight versus Lord of Skulls face-off was pretty awesome too.


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