Hello wargamers, Invasive Rhamnus here again. This week I'm sharing an 1850 point battle report between Tau and Dark Angels, but there's a twist: we're using the Highlander format.

Highlander makes almost everything in a detachment 0-1/unique, and therefore earns its name via the slogan, "There can only be one!" The notable exceptions are troop choices, but even then there are restrictions (you can see the full rules set here). In all, the format is meant to promote the use of less popular units and dampen the effect of all-star units on the outcome of the game. In some ways, this can lead to a more level playing field across codices. You can see how my first attempt at a Highlander list fared in the video below or on youtube, and read up on some of my thoughts after.

While there were a few times the battle could have gone either way, my Tau were able land a solid 12-2 victory.

I can't really say how much of this was due to luck, generalship, or the relative strength of the codices. I think most people would agree that no matter what he format, Tau have a few key units that can really throw their weight around. Namely, Riptides and Broadsides come to mind, and they were present in my list - although at a lower number than in my normal army lists - and did a fair amount of work. On the other hand, several Dark Angels units were able to persist until later in the game because I was unable to deal with them as quickly as I would have liked due to only having a few heavy hitters. Having a Land Speeder Vengeance just hanging out wasn't exactly good news and could have presented a problem if I failed to down it when I did.

Regardless of the outcome, the game was certainly exciting and a welcomed departure from the standard format. My list looked pretty different from the usual (Longstrike, remoras, sniper kroot blob all made an appearance) and my opponent took some units that I hadn't seen in a while either. This all made for a much more dynamic game.

So, lets call roll...

Did Highlander promote the use of some dusty models? I think we can answer that with a solid "yep."

Did Highlander make for a more level playing field? This one's a bit more difficult to answer, but I think it did. While the V went to the Tau, which have the benefit of claiming a above-average codex, the battle was much more even and ultimately, more enjoyable than it might have been if I had taken a couple more of my preferred units. So, did highlander fix all the disparities between the two codices? No way, but it did make things a little less one-sided.

Hope you guys enjoyed the batrep, and I encourage you to share your thoughts on the report and the Highlander format in the comments here or on youtube.

Thanks for watching, and happy wargaming!

Check out my youtube channel covering Tau, Tyranids, and Blood Angels tactica, battle reports, and hobby. There's also a little bit of Wood Elves sprinkled in there for good measure and for those of us who enjoy right angles on our bases.


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