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We compiled a list of all of the suggestions from our Facebook Page, and posted up the most popular here to be voted on to see which is the most popular!
How does the contest work? Simple, we asked you all for possible new F.A.T. Mat ideas, and compiled the responses into a list of the top 10 ideas. We now present these to you all to vote on, to see which is the most popular idea for a potential new F.A.T. Mat! The idea that gets the most votes earns the individual who suggested it first on our Facebook Page a free mat of their choice. Sweet! 

The poll runs through the end of the month. You can only vote once, and only for your favorite mat. So, hop in their and let us here what you think. If you really don't like any of the suggestions and want to toss out a new idea, we left the "other" category in there for you. But remember, if you exercise this option, your vote won't count towards the contest if that matters to you.

*TABLEWAR and Frontline Gaming reserve all rights to present and future F.A.T. Mat designs. Any ideas contributed do not imply ownership to potential future F.A.T. Mats.


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