How do!

Sorry it's been a few weeks since our last video but here we are, back again with another practice match for Cally!

This game features Adam and his Iron hands/ Ultramarine allies VS Olly picking up a miss match of all the things naughty in 40k right now. You know, Adlance Wave Serpants and Farseers that summon demons...

So yeah!

We push Adams list to the brink as we prepare ourselves for what is to come at cally.

Primary is Crusade with 3 objectives. Secondary is Contact Lost and Tertiary is a combo of First Strike, Warlord and Line-breaker.

Please enjoy!


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    2. Well said! How dare I bring a top tier competitive list to a game where (we have repeatedly stated) we are preparing for a top tier competitive event. That poor Marine player with his 2 Chapter Masters on bikes and Typhon Heavy Siege tank never had the chance to forge the narrative he was so clearly going for!

      We have made clear that we are preparing for a very competitive 180 person GT where will almost certainly encounter lists such as the one featured in this batrep. The only hope we have of being able to compete in this environment is to play with and against them to see where (if they do in fact have any) their weaknesses lie.

      Just because this particular batrep does not match-up with your own personal view of how 40k should be played does not mean I am ruining it for "everyone". Everyone involved in this report knew what lists were being used well in advance of recording and still wanted to take part. There are a great many types of player that make up the 40k community some fluffy, some collectors, some casual, some competitive and yes even some WAAC, each with their own views on how it should be done. Myself and everyone else at 40KBRAWL! accept this as the status quo and embrace all play styles and gaming ideologies. To not do so and instead berate with petty insults those who do not conform to your vision of the game is in fact the very real "mark of a dick".

    3. Like. Up vote. All that jazz.

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