Aye aye aye, What it do guys! Simon here from 40k Brawl! wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! 

Today we have another practice match for Cally- this time my Nidzilla list Vs Coopers brand new very fierce Farsight enclave!

Lists are in the video, the mission is the round 2 match-up from the Caledonian rule pack: Primary is Purge the Alien (kill points). Secondary is the Maelstrom Mission – Cleanse and Control, and Tertiary is a combo of First Strike, Warlord and Line-breaker. (The tournament pack can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wwx6tdsgidtkkcg/Caledonian%20Uprising%20RP%20v1.3.pdf?dl=0

Please enjoy and Happy Holidays to all! x


  1. Not sure the embedded video has taken on this one matey. Not showing up on here or the blogspot 40k brawl. Really want to see this match up however :D please fix or post a direct link to YouTube :)

    1. its working on my screen, but here is a link to youtube for you to make it easier.


    2. Cheers Natfka :) the embedded vid works on the other batrep posted at the same time. Bit odd indeed.


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