Hot off the presses, the new Blood Angels codex is already shaping up to offer a ton of great options for the tabletop. This week, we start at the top and look at the HQs and Lords of War of everyone's favorite red space marines.

In the first official installment of our codex review, Gil discusses the ups and downs of each HQ and Lord of War in the new Blood Angels as well as their associated warlord traits, relics, and psychic powers.

Is Mephiston over powered?

Is The Sanguinar your new best friend?

Is Dante dubiously delightful!?

All these questions and more answered in the video below!!!


Check out my youtube channel covering Tau, Tyranids, and Blood Angels tactica, battle reports, and hobby. There's also a little bit of Wood Elves sprinkled in there for good measure and for those of us who enjoy right angles on our bases.


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