Hello everyone! Matt D. here again with updates on The Chaos Incursion of Ichar IV Narrative Campaign! This past Friday was a HUGE success!! We had a turnout of 16 players throughout the day with two absentees planning on joining next week! It was a fantastic turnout for the first meet, to the point of actually running out of 40k terrain for all the players. But I digress, the campaign results from Phase 1: Invasion, are as follows:

Forces of the Imperium: 4W/3L
Forces of Chaos: 1W/4L
Tyranids: 2W/0L
Tau Empire: 1W/0L

There was one L that stood out because we had a guy who wanted to play but wasn't doing the campaign. We needed players so we said "heck, why not?". And additionally, here is the podcast reporting highlights of the events: Crimson Oracle's Report of Phase 1

Highlights of the first phase include a Sororitas army just smashing their way through a Chaos force, a gorgeously painted Crimson Fist army (which will have an Army Feature Vid in the future), pink Tau with a Riptide named "Momo", Flappy the Tyrant (Flyrant conversion w/gargoyle wings), and another beautifully painted Chaos Flying Circus. For the map, Rob and I decided not to use the planetary empires board, as the exploding participation roster quickly turned this into a faction fight. So instead I found a detailed layout of a hive city on Google image search and we're going to use copies of that to mark faction progress (shown below). 

Now, for the Narrative Campaign during the week, we are introducing something new called Side Missions. If your warlord rolled on the Character Death Table and suffered wounds, he now has the potential to heal them up before the next campaign meet. To engage in a Side Mission, craft a 750pt list with your warlord as a part of it. If your warlord survives the mission without being reduced to zero wounds, then all Major and/or Minor Wounds are removed. If the warlord falls to zero wounds, you do not have to roll on the CDT, as such a minor skirmish cannot truly fell such mighty champions. Just try again! 

We're also going to start hosting special side missions (1k) during the week that, if players participate in them and win, their Warlord's wounds do not heal if they survive (that's what the 750pt games are for). Instead, their next roll on the CDT becomes "Roll 2d6 and pick the lowest result". If the warlord is reduced to zero wounds, nothing happens because, once again, the skirmish is too minor (plot armor ftw). If the player loses the fight, the attacking forces simply retreat back to the beachhead. Our first Special Side Mission will be Emperor's Will vs. a Plague Zombie Horde led by Typhus. Points will be 1k, and the attacking player follows the Kill Team Restriction for Vehicles (No flyers and vehicles must each have a combined AV of 33 or less). We may make an endless swarm style rule for the zombies, but that is undecided as of now. The goal of the mission is to attack a potential forward base that has reported enemy activity, but not to the level normally seen.

All in all, been a great start for the campaign, and I will post more content as it comes!

Here is the map! The Forces of Chaos still hold a lot of territory in this hive, but the invaders are pushing their way in. Who will win? And yes that is a to-scale graphic of Texas for size reference. 'Cuz in the grimdarkness of the grimdark grimdark everything is huge and grimdark :P. The map is from Google Image Search. I added the texas graphic (also from Google) and colored it in.

And here is the video for Phase 2: Attrition. The Imperium now has a foothold, planetside, but can they keep it?


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