Hello again! Matt D. here with the reports of not only our side missions, but Friday's Phase 2 event of the narrative campaign!! While the Imperium wracked up a lot of victories, they tied this week with chaos and thus have not pushed further into the hive. They did however, assault the Tau-held territory, cutting the xenos off. Rumors of Tau reinforcements are rampant through Imperial camps. The tyranids continue to spread virtually unopposed, slowly but surely, into the hive's underbelly, utilizing genestealer cultists to redirect the hive's water flow. Multiple factions report an influx of Diremold growth, a fleshy fungus that feeds on rock and metal to grow. The tyranids appear to have re-purposed these organizms to devouring and converting parts of the hive into giant moldy masses, fit for consumption. If the tyranids leave this world with the knowledge of how to convert non-organic material into organic material, then the Imperium faces a ten-times more dire threat than before. Additionally, the Eldar have appeared and established a foothold planetside. What their inentions are, none can say, but they barred the Devilclaws Chapter from expanding Imperium Territory further.

Here is an updated map of the various changes. Tau aren't doing so hot, Chaos is holding, Tyranids are nomming, Imperials are holy furying, and Eldar are...well....who knows?

Additionally, we have another podcast to keep you up to date on all happenings with the campaign: Occupy Terra: Crimson Oracle Presents

Here are the win/loss ratios as of Friday: 

Imperium of Man: 8W/5L
Forces of Chaos: 5W/5L
Tyranids: 3W/0L
Tau: 1W/1L
Eldar: 1W/0L

The Imperium is bringing its full weight to bear in the reclamation effort. Can the forces of disorder push back the emperor's forces? Only time will tell.

Additionally, people have been writing fluff pieces for the campaign, which I can post with more regularity if people are interested in reading them. To start, I'm including a personal log from my Chaos Lord, Vulgaris Manus: 

++++Vulgaris Manus: Personal Log++++
They call us monsters. They see us as nightmares and horrors to be purged. They cannot fathom why we do the things that we do. The ironic terrible truth is that we aren't much different from the loyalists. We have wants, dreams, aspirations, and goals, but we have opened are eyes and accepted the reality of what is. Every enemy slain in the Anathema's name feeds the war god. Every hope and aspiration dreamed by man feeds the trickster god. Every slain combatant left to rot feeds the plague god. Finally, mans' guilty pleasures, secret cravings, drive the youngest god. When a desperate citizen prays for salvation from one thing or another, he projects his desires into the warp, invoking the realm of change upon his reality. Another life lusting after utter perfection invokes the realm of excess, for perfection is a lie that no mortal is capable of.
While the Imperium of Man continues to feed the dark pantheon like no civilization before, they hide away behind blind faith and a belief that the Anathema, while powerful in his own right, is who they're truly feeding. Maybe the purest of them actually do. The Adepta Sororitas certainly seem to, and perhaps even some Astartes. But the unwashed masses of mankind are too base for such things, and, inevitably, their projections within the aether show it. Maybe one day, the Anathema will succeed in merging with the pantheon to create what the dark four fear: a nascent god of Humanity, an end to their individual reign, their power forfeit to the will of the Anathema. Such possibilities are infinitely fascinating, and something I personally would not be opposed to.
Humanity's consciousness is fragmented, barely understood, and broken along the lines of their base desires married to a desire to be something more. What a force they would be if every soul in the galaxy suddenly mastered themselves, the chaos within. It would spell an end to every instance of daemonic activity within the warp, because warp creatures would only form on the whims of those enlightened masters who desired them.
My fellow brethren only grasp fragments of this truth, and many have lost themselves in the lusts that feed the dark four. They are so shocked with the lack of training and brainwashing, that their desires become an addictive drug few of which can resist. I let the Imperium believe that I am no different, but I have seen and mastered much in my time, first and foremost, myself.
Though I commit great atrocities against the Imperium, in truth I am weeding out their weak in preparation for this great merging. If mankind is to survive to reach this golden age of psychic mastery, then it cannot falter against the many threats that plague it. The imperial guardsmen that I slaughtered on Jhaneris XI would have been devoured by Tyranids, which would have set off a chain reaction of feedings. The finality would have been the hive mind consuming Terra, eradicating humanity. Their deaths fed my daemon world in its infancy, and saved humanity from the Tyranids, and thus were given purpose. If a garden is beset by weeds, do you not remove them so that the garden may flourish?
Though my armor, my ghostly soldiers, and my mortal servants were all forged by the trickster god, my will is my own, and I shall continue to guide humanity to my own ends, not his. The dark pantheon is not a unified force, and I have no love for any of them or their insane warp-spawned minions. They are tools to be used and disposed of when no longer needed. Their collective ego doesn't change that. And so I will continue to prosecute my endeavors on Ichar IV. The misguided will learn understanding or they will be eradicated to make way for those who will. In fact, I'm sure I'll enjoy the challenge. Vulgaris Manus out.
++++End Log++++


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