We are launching our kickstarter on December the 18th, 18h00 GMT.

Createyourminis is about letting you design your own 28mm miniatures (1:56 precisely) through our website. You choose the type of model you want, like man or woman, then select the clothes, the weapon, the equipment. Once you are done, you choose how the weapon is held then select a pose among the compatible poses.

After you wait a couple of minutes for the model to be built then you can visualize it, order it or save it to be modified or ordered later.

The possibilities are (almost) limitless!

Among the numerous features, the most important in regard of this kickstarter campaign is the possibility to add symbols on some flat elements, usually shields, torso armors or shoulder pads. You can even add those symbols on some elements of the weapon sprue so you can convert other miniatures. If you back this project you can even provide us with a symbol we will add to our database so you can personalize your miniatures even more!

Try it and tell us what you think. We are serious about that, half of our stretch goals come from suggestions so don't hesitate!


  1. Just finished trying out the mini creator. It looks pretty cool and I love the idea. Had some weird issues with trenchcoat/shotgun clipping but otherwise it worked quite well. Do you guys have any intentions of expanding to non human humanoids: dwarves, orcs, etc?

  2. Nevermind I just saw the Orc stretch goal on the kickstarter


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