Hello dear hobbyists, painters and gamers! I am happy to reveal to you all about my 2-year project of warhammer 40k concerning the Triarch. This is a fan-made codex that will feature the numerous formations of the Praetorians serving Szarekh and proceeding his mysterious plan...
....while also awakening the Tomb Worlds!

I made a post in a forum with more details, here:

As you see this will be a pretty big codex! There will be linked stories, units, full stats and army lists, formations, artifacts/relics, special characters and extended background concerning the way the Triarch forces operate and move around the galaxy. There will also be a Necron anatomy that explains how a number of their systems operate and explain the existence of various Necron body parts (like those tails!)

Currently I have prepared a number of models and built/converted/painted them, yet I still am a long way to building every single model from all 44+ units, but they have all taken shape in my mind so this is only a matter of time... and now that I am in Christmas holidays time I will have indeed!

Right now, the Necron codex is on its way and with the rumors of it containing a lot of fluff and background I have decided not to post the whole thing online yet as I want to avoid contradictions in the fluff of GW and my project!

But I can post the backgrounds of a number of units that have been prepared! Below is the background of a special character along with his pictures posted for all of you to see! I have made some adjustments so you can catch glimpses of the greater part of the fluff of the project. Enjoy! (By the way I don't know what happened to the quality of the two last pictures... sorry :P )

That is a conversion I made using parts from several necron characters and GW models, namely:

2 Orikans(Emerald Halo, tail, orby spine bit and torso),
One Imotekh(Head,cloak and gauntlet left hand),
One Finecast Overlord(Chest ornaments),
One Plastic Overlord(Resurrection orb, right hand and scythe corpus),
2 Anrakyrs(One Tachyon Arrow on each hand and the lower body that I cut and reposed to make him look like he is hovering above the ground),
One Praetorian(shoulder ornaments and Particle Caster for the end of the scythe),
Two Lychguards(Their Hyperphase Swords forming the two blades of Yawghmokh's scythe and the orbs of their Warscythes glued between the tail parts of the Orikan models),
One Dark Eldar Scourge(Wings of Solitude)
And that bit from a TK model for the end of his tail(IIRC from the Warsphynx maybe?!)

So now you know which boxes you will need in order to build him!
Onwards to the fluff:


In his early days of flesh, Yawghmokh the Slayer was the reigning Phaeron of the Cryceph Dynasty, awarded said rank by his still living father Cryceph after leading his handful of men in an impossible mission to kill a rival Phaeron during the last days of the wars of secession, effectively removing a threat to his Dynasty before it would be immortalized and thus claiming the warriors of the fallen rival as his father’s own, increasing the numbers of the Cryceph Dynasty threefold. The Cryceph people welcomed their new Phaeron with praises and celebrations, and Yawghmokh rose to rule his Dynasty while dreaming of the great victories and prosperity his people would enjoy in his time of rule.

Then came the first contact with the Old Ones and the events that followed all but destroyed the frontier worlds of the Dynasty. At Zenorque the Harbinger’s request, Yawghmokh counseled with the rest of the nobles and all decided to willingly enter biotransferrence in order to preserve themselves so they could one day rise again to reclaim what was rightfully theirs.

After the end of the War in Heaven, the rise of Khyoghrekh, the death of Cryceph, the great awakening and the recruitment of the remaining Cryceph nobles in the ranks of the Triarch through the accord Zenorque made with glorious Azareus the Lightbringer, Yawghmokh rose to become the most powerful noble of his Dynasty until Zenorque’s Ascension to the rank of Triarch Vizier. The modifications and improvements done by the Architecti Crypteks peaked the mighty potential of the Slayer and so the already superior abilities his metal body possessed as a Phaeron were now improved tenfold. He was also given a set of Wings of Solitude with which he would glide into battle and reap his foes in great swings of his new weapon, a mighty Destroyer Blade. Yet while Yawghmokh would now far surpass Zenorque in strength and power, everything changed when Azareus touched Zenorque’s chest with his Godhammer and seemingly activated the full potential of the Tashytush, the venerated orb-shaped artifact Szarekh himself ordered to replace Zenorque’s failing power core and effectively save him from uutter annihilation right after the showdown between Khyoghrekh and the nobles of the Cryceph Dynasty in their final stand atop the largest pyramid temple of the Triarch at the heart of Yawghmokh’s palace of Corriban back in times forgotten, the single hour in which what was left of the Cryceph Dynasty was nothing but its handful of surviving Overlords. After the bitter war, Yawghmokh assumed command of all of Khyoghrekh’s millions of warriors and the Reclamator himself was inprisoned within the Tashytush as punishment for breaking the ancient laws and attacking what Szarekh had declared sacred and pivotal for the future and survival of the whole Necrotyr race. Why the Silent King decided Zenorque to bear the Tashytush and not receive just another power core later, he would not say, and his only words were “Everything shall be revealed, in time”.

With the way the events unfolded and how Zenorque the Absolute achieved ascension and learned the truth about The Work after Year Zero and the Dawn of the Apocalypse, the two cataclysmic events that pushed all the Praetorians to the limits of their abilities and reshaped the fate of the Necrotyr race, Yawghmokh is now second in might only to him alone and has been appointed as his Redeemer Siggilate, tasked with the recruitment of ever more humans into the Numeri Tribes and their guidance to zealous obedience and worship, a role too important to be handled by any other less powerful regal subordinate and too time-consuming for Zenorque himself. One particular benefit the Praetorians would gain from the Numeri was a biological weapon to use against the hordes of chaos, and the perfect test was carried from the outcome of the Apocalypse. With chaos controlled and Lord Beli'yaal shattered from his peaked form forever, Yawghmokh is now venerated as a living demi-god by the masses of the manipulated humankind hailing from backwater worlds and settlements disillusioned in their faith in the Emperor. He is visioned as the chosen of the gods, the pinnacle of the warrior path and the one by whose will darkness retreats and by whose tread daemons tremble in fear. All the humans dedicated to his worship recognise him as the redeemer of the lost and punisher of darkness. These humans are either abducted by Celestial Choirs and are brought to the numerous isolated planets in the less explored corners of the galaxy where Yawghmokh’s Praetorians and he along with Khadajz the Firedrake teach them to worship and serve the Triarch and the ten “Imperator gods” or are “harvested” after a successful invasion on a planet by Necron forces and dragged into their vessels, wherein the Canoptek constructs utilize their cold precision to perform surgeries to erase any brain parts that have been corrupted into faith to the Emperor or the ignorance of atheism, effectively breaking the minds of the unfortunate humans as cruelly as they break their bodies and reshape both anew according to the Triarch’s needs and ends.

The original role of the Tribes was always simple yet pivotal for the Silent King’s plan. The humans would be taught in the ancient laws of the Necrotyr and form a culture almost identical to that of the times of old, with the sole difference been the increased worship and warrior path focus in order to create a faction of devout warriors that would be used by Szarekh whenever he would see fit. Now that Szarekh has spoken to Zenorque along with Azareus  the Lightbringer about the true purpose of the entrance of the massed Triarch forces in the galaxy, the Slayer has been tasked to lead this people in raids against enemy planets to buy time for his brother’s armies to awaken more Necron Tomb Worlds and crush sprawling threats before they can become too powerful to threaten Zenorque’s  Legions. Under Yawghmokh’s watchful gaze the marching Numeri are turned into willing puppets ready to give their lives for their master with no second thought. With weapons and technology salvaged from the bodies of dead aliens or Imperial forces, they are the marionettes dancing to Yawghmokh’s tune, attacking alien and Imperial strongholds and causing disruption in the enemy plans while the Triarch moves to awaken more Necron Tomb Worlds. Many are the bitter wars the Numeri still fight in massive numbers against every race of the galaxy, yet their number far surpasses the number of the wars they are locked in, as every day more and more humans are brought under the eerie emerald shadow of the Triarch’s light of salvation and are raised from birth to love and obey the gods. Thousands of humans make up each of Yawghmokh’s  Numeri army, with some equipped with technology and arms surpassed only by the Space Marines while others with little to no armour and with but an axe and their undisputed devotion to the gods.

Yet Yawghmokh could not have accomplished all this without the assistance of all the willing Necron Dynasties. By order of Zenorque the Absolute, a Triarch Imperator himself, oracles and messengers were sent to visit all awakened Necron Tomb Worlds and ask for their assistance in exchange for heavier presence of Triarch forces. The role of the Dynasties was simple: Take as many prisoners as possible from each new conquest or reclamation, break their minds by any painful means necessary, erase all memory of their existence until then and surrender them to the Praetorians of Yawghmokh and Khadajz for indoctrination as Numeri Tribesmen. Thus began the Dynastic crusades known as “The Red Harvests”, wars the Dynasties fought for the mantle of their Tomb Worlds, bitter and bloody wars that drove the alien races to believe the Necrons were mindless cannibalistic robots with the sole purpose been to take prisoners for their gods’ meals. That was not true, and many still believe that old lie. By the time the ignorant disillusioned come to realize the truth though, it might be too late.

Now at the forefront of over seventy trillion screaming fanatics adorned in gold and silver, Yawghmokh and Khadajz receive veneration the like of that in the times of old, as with a single word uttered during the gatherings, millions humbly fall to the ground and bow their heads before their lords and begin chanting the sagas of war and worship. Yawghmokh’s personal throne is even greater in size and decoration than that of the winged Khadajz and is carried by a dozen humans while his walk to the ground is assisted by another dozen of humans rushing to form living stairways for the chosen of the gods to walk from atop the golden throne.

Yet even with such safety and manpower behind him, and with followers in numbers innumerable prepared to do everything a human can never achieve by strength alone in the name of their master, Yawghmokh has not even for a moment considered betraying his brother and Szarekh nor thought about using his people to be venerated as a god in his own, as his loyalty and purpose has been determined from an era ancient beyond reckoning, as during the Siege of Corriban back in the times of the uprising against the C’tan when Khyoghrekh’s numberless legions besieged Yawghmokh’s crown world, Corriban, he was among the most stalwart and relentless defenders along with the rest of his brothers, currently all serving as Siggilates within the Triarch forces. This fact alone is enough to bolster Yawghmokh’s resolve to follow Zenorque in his journey to the unknown and hang on to the uncertain hope that Verdum, Khavashyn and Aphael are still carrying the fight against the Tyranids far away on Corriban. It is a burning uncertainty he shares with all his Siggilate brothers, as even Ronikh, Lawrakh, Khadajz, Zarathokh and even Zenorque feel the same way, much to the advantage of them all though, for they all know they have no time to waste and no room for mistakes. Now that all the cards are been revealed on the great table, Yawghmokh will stand at the side of his brother and do everything in his power to help him reach The Means To The End.

And that was it for Yawghmokh's story. As you can see this is but a fragment of the complete storyline that contains several parts hinting the bigger part of the plot! Expect more pictures of models and backgrounds to come!

Any questions I can answer, I will be happy to do so in the comments!


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