Howdy all! Matt D. here again with some updates on the narrative campaign Rob and I are hosting this Friday. To get people pumped for the campaign, I've been doing Army Feature Videos, showcasing armies with cool music/sounds. So far, the campaign has two such videos completed, one of an Imperial Guard army, the other of my Chaos Lord. These are very much an experiment in video work for me as much as they are a little something extra for the community, so each one should hopefully get better with practice. Enjoy! More to come as time goes on. Additionally, we now have a blog that we will be posting content for the Narrative campaign to. Going is slow, starting out, but once we get the hang of this blogging thing it'll be a big beautiful monster: Blood God Gaming Blog!

The Icharan 501st, led by Colonel Arminius Maximillian. 

Accidentally uploaded this video to the wrong account lol. Going to have to change that at some point. Anyways, sound clip is from the YouTube vid, "Dawn of War is not Dead".

The Hand of Vulgaris, led by Vulgaris Manus


  1. Hah cool that you made a blog! -- I've added to the blog-roll on my blog:

    1. Thanks so much! You can thank my friend Rob for creating it, too. He's good with stuff like that. I'll be sure to check your blog out as well.


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