Greetings fellow Wargaming enthusiasts! We invite you to join on the first of many epic adventures into the 41st millennium; we are Duh 40k Klub, and we will be your guides. Today I bring you our first Warhammer 40,000 battle report. It features a Crusade Arms List force using the Legionnes Astartes: Emperor's Children rules. Up against this wall of polished perfect purple will be crimson steel of the IX legion --the Blood Angels-- using their 5th edition codex for the last time. A historic first and last for our channel, come see who pulls out a victory in an awkward on-camera experiment as we swear and burp our way onto the scene. This being our first batrep we welcome constructive criticism and tips! On behalf of all the wargamers in Duh Klub I bid you bienvenidos.

First batrep can be found here


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