Welcome to the first Battle Report that I am sharing with the Faeit Community. It is the first game that I had with the 7th edition Dark Eldar codex and I played my friend Matt and his gorgeous tournament eldar jetbike army.
This is a video battle report. 1500pts, and we play a 7th edition Maelstrom mission. I hope you enjoy it! Both armies are fully painted and the table looks awesome, whats better than that? This is what you can expect from EVERY report that I shall be showcasing on this blog. Enough typing lets get to the batrep already!
Thanks a lot for watching and I hope you enjoyed the report. After each game I also add a "Tactical Corner" to the report. This is me chatting about the tactics used in this game and it is a feature on each of my reports to help newer players and veterans alike!
Thanks a lot for watching, commenting and sharing.
Skari - out


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