Welcome once again Faeit subscribers! It's Duh 40k Klub once again. I know it's not even our second batrep yet, but we are already not living up to our name, as today, we bring you a 30k battle report. Gage's savage World Eaters face off against Jesus' stoic Imperial Fists. Some fancy shoot work and brutal assaults are the hallmark of this batrep, and not exactly from where you'd think it would come from. Tune in and listen to us banter and swear, perhaps while you paint or model? Regardless of why you click, whether it's to see our clearly expert generalship, or absolutely dynamic chemistry, come and stay a while, you'll like it here.


  1. 1850 is an odd point amount for a 30k game. The devs have flat out stated that they designed the game to be played at 2000-2500 points, minimum.

    I'll definitely check the video out though!

  2. Guys, your enthusiasm is great. It would be nice to see you playing with great looking armies on a fully painted board.

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback guys we really appreciate it! We generally (for 30k) find ourselves playing 1850-2k games mainly because we're college students who lack funding for 30k. Our armies generally expand in bits and pieces in large chunks at random times. Members of the klub have their own reasons for not painting, but mainly it's lack of enthusiasm, but nice comments help spur them in the right direction! We'll be having more battle reports in the future, hopefully every week as well as army showcases for our members who have painted armies(or painted units). We really love the nice comments guys, we hope you enjoy our videos!

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