Tonight a huge army of Vampire Counts is on display.

Hi Natfka,
made some pictures of my Vampire Counts Army last weekend, and I'd like to share some of them with all of you.
After they released the new Spirit Host models I finished painting may VC Army for the third time I think (never ending story as always).
It's 4000Points playable, with a lot of diffrent special units to choose from. But after the new Errata I also play herohammer somtimes with two blenderlords, a Lvl4 mastermancer and a few heros as support casters.
I hope the pictures are okay and that you like what you see.

Thanks and best regards and wish you all bloody christmas
Army Composition:
Vlad von Carstein
Konrad von Carstein
Manfred von Carstein on Barded Nightmare
Vampire Lord on Zombiedragon
Wight King Battlestandardbearer
2 Master Necromancers/Necromancers
4 Vampire Lords/Vampires
1 Black Cat (the one from the old Neferata model)
2 Tomb Banshees

210 Zombies
40 Crypt Ghoules

40 Grave Guards
10 Black Knights
18 Crypt Horrors
4 Bat Swarms
6 Spirit Hosts
30 Hexwraiths
6 Vargheists

2 Terrorgheists
2 Mortis Engines


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