Tonight we have a very cool conversion up for What's On Your Table: Mike's Alpha Legion Forgelord.

Hi Gary
Iv been converting/ scratch building a Legion Forgelord for my Heresy Alpha Legion and thought I'd share. This guy will be joining the rest of my force which iv already had on Nafka....

His load out is
Servo Arm
Power Dagger (Buzzsaw counts as)
Two Plasma Pistols
Cortex Controller (thing on top of his back)

I wanted to scratch build a Dr Octopus style servo harness, but as we don't get a Servo Harness in Heresy, this is the only way I could think of getting away with it. The guy getting his arm sliced off and face blasted with the plasma pistol is gonna be an Imperial Fist Templar.

Anyway, enough waffle. Here he is....
Some WIP's

Still a little work to be done, Streaking effect, 1 more pin wash, a clean up then Weathering powders. Finally the glow effect of the eye lenses and plasmas. I find that these are best done after weathering as you don't want to dull down the glow. 
I also need to add some claret to the severed  arm and buss saw, again after weathering. 

Cheers mate, il send in a couple of images once he's fully completed.

Iv done a full post on him and will he adding a how to make your own here....


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  1. That looks pretty good man! Little iffy imo on the tonfa chainsaw, but im putting that down to preference! Also I think this may be one of those models thenew bases would be good for. As he looks a tad delicate. (If you use them to play with that is)

    1. I was a little dubious about the saw myself but couldn't find a suitable alternate. Its growing on me now.
      As for the bases, im gutted about that as I made the base and glued it all on two days before the news of the bases came out. This one has a 1 pence piece bent in half and stuck to the underside. Its pretty stable now.

  2. What's the combi-melta made with? It looks awesome and I have to make one.

  3. Now that is impressive. Fantastic job sir!

  4. I agree that the larger base would be better for this model... i used a 40mm base for my wolflord and its perfect.. what model did you use for the forgelord itself?

  5. Cheers Gents.
    The torso is an Iron Hands torso and the legs are just Iron Hand MKIII legs heated in hot water to bend them the way I wanted them. The Combi Melta is made of a couple of bits, not from forgeworld, a castellax bolt gun and the combi Melta bit from the terminator weapon pack, both shaved down slightly to be wrist mounted.


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