Hello and welcome to Skaredcast! Today I get to show off a few things that I am working on, whats on you table is a chance for me to show off the things that I am painting, building or what not, you can always check out the youtube channel HERE (for tacticas and batreps) and the Facebook page HERE for more constant updates and posts (or the Instagram feed HERE , for pictures, or @skari2 on twitter, for random stuff) So! Plugs aside, lets get to the meaty bits:

Eldar Corsairs (rules can be found in Imperial Armour Vol 11: Mymera) These are some corsairs that I have been working on. They will be an allied force for my Eldar or Dark Eldar, they are not the most competitive choice, but they look cool and I cant wait to try them out. There are two squads of 10, one with two Eldar missile launchers and fusion guns, one with two shuriken cannon and two flamers. Also a corsair prince with a power lance, the jetpack and a shadowfield, with a retinue of Bladesword (converted from Dire Avengers), with shuriken catapults. I chose the cats over the lasblasters just because of the new bladestorm rule.

And then I have started to look at my Black Templars once more.  I actually pulled them out of the box and made a 1500pt army list! I am excited to play with them and just work on them on the side while I get my Dark Eldar all finished up for the 10kin10. My Templar army has become smaller and smaller over time so it has been nice to see that I have some of my fav minis still kickin, like the converted and Forgeworld blinged out assault terminators, the Venerable "wedding cake" dreadnought and some good ol' sisters of battle!
And then some Bikers as well that I need to do some work on and make them mesh into my army, I finally got them back after being on loan to a friend for almost two years. This is part of the fun!
Ok. So, this is what is on my Hobby Table this Holiday! What is on -your- hobby table? I would love to see it, share it in the comments or send me a pic skaredcast@gmail.com.

Skari - out.


  1. Loving those corsairs.
    I wonder how much from the Eldar codex rules you use for them? There is no FAQ on them as far as I am aware of.
    Weapons from codex Eldar and start from the merimea book?


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