This week we take a look at the Archangel (Blood Angels) warlord traits and formations presented in Shield of Baal: Exterminatus.

Are the Archangels the way to play when it comes to Blood Angels? Find out in this week's Blood Angels Review...

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  1. The poster of this video made a mistake with the archangels sanguine wing. It is not one power weapon or combi bolter per squad. The rule reads "1st Company Armoury: Vanguard Veteran squads from this fornation can take a single power weapon or lightning claw PER MODEL as a free upgrade. Sternguard Veteran squads from this Formation can take a single storm bolter or combi weapon PER MODEL as a free upgrade." The emphasis is "per model". Therefore 20 free power weapons/lightning claws and 10 free storm bolters/combi weapons. A total saving of 400 points.

  2. Yup. It sounds like the guy talking tricked himself into disbelieving how awesome the formation is

    1. I myst agree. I'm going to have to try it!

    2. Here's his next video, agreeing with you guys :)

  3. You guys are correct, he talked himself out of a good thing. He called me up one night and was really excited about this formation due to the load of free weapon upgrades. However, when he sent me this vid to post, he apparently had talked himself out of something he thought too good to be true. If you check out the comments on youtube, you can see his discussion after realizing that his first impressions were correct.


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