Come one come all! Come view the one eyed, bespectacled, multi-tentacled freak that is Da 40k Klub. We're back again to fill your eye and ear holes with swearing and 40k. Today we have a bit of a treat for you all out there watching from Internet-land: a double feature! Not only is it a double feature, but it is a double feature that includes new face and new names. Lined up for your viewing pleasure is Tom with his Sisters of Battle, Joe with his Orks Orks Orks Orks Orks, and Callum with his Necrons, taking them out for a spin right before he gets his hands on the new release. We welcome you to come into our metaphorical home, kick up your tired feet, and watch some young adults push plastic little men across tables for a while.


  1. Need much paintz.. i know I'm in the 1% minority it seems but i refuse to put my models on the table unpainted.. gratz on the nice collections but GET PAINTING!! Base coat.. ink.. dry brush a highlight and BAM.. you can then take some time to pick out yer details with some layers


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