This one has been long overdue.

When we first set out to make 1pKT the goal was to have a small-scale game that anyone with just a handful of miniatures could play. We wanted it to be fast, dynamic and fun, which it was… albeit a little bit clumsily.

With v2.0 we set out to maintain the core elements of what made Kill Team fun, but streamline them to have a cleaner and more enjoyable game. Additionally we decided to re-work the campaign in such a way that we can keep it balanced and that gives players the chance to develop stories in the style of the old Necromunda and Gorka Morka games.

Since the game has changed a lot we recommend to read all of the core and army rules carefully. Here are some of the most important changes:
  • Adapted the rules to be more in line with 1p40k v2.0.
  • Streamlined the way groups are handled for all purposes.
  • Tweaked the wound mechanic and made it substantially more brutal.
  • Re-worked the morale system to be faster and integrate better with campaigns.
  • Cut the mount system for the sake of simplicity.
  • Advanced rules re-worked from scratch, adding new missions, mysterious terrain, mysterious objectives, and rules for multi-player and large games.
As you can see there have been some big changes that should make your little games a lot more fun. We hope you enjoy 1pKT, stay tuned for another very special skirmish game in the coming weeks!

You can download the rules here:

Art by Ross Carlisle (


  1. Ooo, we might have to use these rules for our Kill Team Meet and Greet that we do every year here in Cleveland.


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