Despite the tremendous G-Forces exerted by the drop pods meteor-like impact, Commander Nevitus was out of his restraint harness just as the explosive bolts fired and the massive assault ramps crashed into the scorched earth of Tanais III. Nevitus charged out of the drop pod holding his storm shield before him not so much in defence, but as a weapon. He was a living battering ram. He could hear the sharp sounds of shrapnel pinging off his armour signalling the spent fury of the Deathwind drop pods that had landed mere seconds before. With a resounding crunch Nevitus met his first opponent head on. The impact shattered him. Small arms fire replaced the shrapnel as the Sons of Curze reacted to the enemy in their midst. In a single smooth motion Nevitus drew The Burning Blade from its scabbard. Fierce golden flames erupted along its ornate and perfectly balanced blade. Nevitus gracefully extended the motion of drawing the blade into a downward cut that slicing a heretic in two as he simultaneously kicked out with his left leg, shattering another chaos marine's leg sending him sprawling before he savagely brought down his shield crushing his chest. As he fought he remained cool and almost detached from the mayhem of battle. It was not the way of the Raptors to revel in bloodshed or to seek out personal glory. Leave that to their lesser brethren, the Blood Angels or Space Wolves. For the sons of Corax the mission was all. Exaltation was for vainglorious fools. The joy of killing was for muderous savages. The mission was to track down and destroy a warband of Night Lords traitor legionaries which had burned a trail of destruction across the sub sector. For weeks the Raptors had shadowed the Night Lords waiting for the exact moment to strike. Waited for when the traitors entire force was deployed on a raid and open to destruction. Nevitus had thought this was the moment but it had become clear that all was not what it seemed. Already the din of battle was lessening as the Raptors switched from automatic to single shots, their legendary accuracy ensuring that every shot found its mark. The ground was a patchwork of ruined bodies bearing the heraldry of the Night Lords but disturbingly not a single body belonged to an Astartes. They had slaughtered twenty times their number of heretics but this was no victory. As he activated the vox to order his strike force into a defensive ambush he was not surprised to find it jammed with the screams of the damned. He switched to the secondary vox channel but that was a wall of white noise interspersed with the crudest of insults. Before he could switch to the third channel he noted that the sun was growing dimmer... No, it was getting dark! Warp Magick! As the light failed he noted with pride how the Raptors redeployed without orders around him in a defensive perimeter. Then he could hear the screams and oaths again... But not through the vox. The enemy were close, almost on top of them. The Raptors assault had infact been a Night Lords ambush! The Raptors redeployed to meet the oncoming threat and complete their mission.

Deployment - Hammer and Anvil
Mission - Purge the Alien (3vp Slay the Warlord)
Points - 2500pts

Night Lords (Special Rule) Ignore Night it should be as they are the predators of night!

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