The Dark Eldar are a piratical race in the warhammer 40k universe. And I have been learning how to use them in the depths of space combat within the game of Battle Fleet gothic! I have been gearing up a small but hard hitting fleet and I thought it would be a good idea to show it off, this is whats on the hobby table.
This is my 750 pt fleet. It comprises a Torture class Carrier ,  3 Impailer Escorts, 3 Lance escorts and a "Succubus" class light cruiser.
I have also been working on some conversions for the fleet. There are some really cool tutorials online if you look for them.
So these are the basis for a couple more cruisers to play larger games. So! What do you Think?

We have also played a few games with the new fleet as well. I have filmed them and will be posting some battle reports on the you-tube channnel.
My Goal is to reach 8000 subscribers on the youtube channel by the end of the Year and i'm currently at 4700, head over there for more cool 40k tactics and other hobby videos as well.

Thanks alot for reading.
Skari - out.


  1. I like the conversions, keeps the DE look and feel. I might change the tail slightly just to break the jetbike look a little more. In a way, the convered cruisers remind me of a Narn heavy cruiser from the Babylon 5 TV series.

  2. why does the link take me to "ask a yeti" advice column, complete with an article about the female "O"...important to be sure, but a BFG bat rap it is not...


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