Richard was working on several projects over the Christmas break that he was wanting to show off tonight, so lets take a look at a few of his latest pics from his workbench.

Hi Natfka 
I'm including a couple pics here for the whats of your table segment. Its a mix of things that I've finished and worked on over the Christmas break.  There are images of 3 projects I worked on. 1 Imperial Guard Valkyrie where the flying base is made to look like a guardsman crushed under his bunker holding his hand out with a grenade showing how the Imperial Navy shows up just a little late usually.  There is also a Plague Hulk that I bought off a friend so his kids could have a better Christmas.  It was left in outdoor storage so it was in pieces when I got it.  I fixed it back up and gave it a nice grotesque paint job.  

Lastly are some Orks I've been working on getting painted up so i can field my green horde in color :D


  1. Nice work! Its great to see some nicely painted pieces.. too many "grey" tides out there.. i have entirely too many projects.. from my BA spacehulk termies and genestealers to my deathwing (picked up to use in spacehulk if i ever get around to a game) and trying to finish my deathstorm BA's and Wolf great company(5dreads a stormwolf and 8 rhinos sill waiting to move forward from the base coats).. right niw I'm doing a comission job for a gaming club friend.. the entire 1st company of Crimson fists..always seems like something needs paint.. kudos on getting so much done in just 3 weeks!


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