Tonight we are in a Blood Angels sort of mood, and checking out Theo's Flesh Tearers.

Hi Gary, 
Long time fan of your work in the gaming community. I really like fact that Faeit212 keeps it both civilized and informative.
Remember reading recently that you are interested in Seth's crimson killers (flesh tearers), so I though you might also like my humble efforts regarding them. With the release of Shield of Baal, I decided it was time to dust off my FT army and delve back into them (been playing Crimson Fists lately, after being inspired by Rynn's World to make an entire army...btw. Steve Parker was kind enough to post pics of some of my minis on his blog, if you are interested in the C.Fists, you could check it out.)

Anyways, this is part of my current FT force, and its centerpiece is (my pride and joy) the 'Rage', seths personal Stormraven....a relic of a lost time...
I also included some pics of an assault squad, Seth, a Chaplain, and what used to be my 'count as' for Captain Tycho (mk3 armour, bullpup combi melta, and a sculpted 'knuckle duster' on the left fist).
I am sorry about the picture quality, but it was the best I caould manage. Hope you like them. 

Keep up the good work and all the best!

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