Mission - Crusade (4 Objectives)
Deployment - Dawn of War
Points - 1850pts
 Nevitus stared at the hololithic display in the strategium aboard the Raptors battle barge Raptoris Rex which bathed the chamber in an eerie green glow. The scene represented within was an odd one. The ghostly projections of the gargantuan hive ships hung in low orbit around the phantasmal projection of a desolate world. “Know thine enemy”. This was written in an ancient Terran military treatise and it was a teaching that all Raptors took to heart. That was the way the Raptors made war, using intelligence and guile to discover the enemies weakness and then unleashing the minimum amount of force to exploit said weakness. Leave the glory hunting and slaughter to the more barbarous and headstrong chapters of Astartes. Nevitus knew his enemy, or so he thought. This particular splinter fleet of The Great Devourer was acting in a way that he had never seen or read before. The Tyranids exist only to assimilate biomass and feed their frantically paced evolution but this splinter fleet had bypassed half a dozen densely populated systems on its way to this blasted and barren rock in the middle of the Golgothan Wastes, purged of all sentient life by the over zealous and now lost Fire Hawks in 832 M41. The chief Astropath on board the Raptoris Rex had spoken of a strange signal in the warp that was the only thing that could break through the interference of the Hive Mind. A clear and crystalline musical note repeating endlessly in the aether. Was this what had seized the Hive Minds attention to the point where it was ignoring its basic instinct to feed? In minutes the Raptoris Rex would be within drop pod range and Nevitus would lead the attack force. It was also written in ancient texts that one of the main aims of a successful general was to deny the enemy in all his endeavours. The Tyranids were drawn to this signal and he would seize its source for himself and either destroy it and deny it to them or preferably withdraw with it in his possession. What wondrous potential this could have, a weapon without peer against the indomitable Hive Mind. Something with which to lure the rampaging Hive Fleets away from Imperial systems and into prepared ambushes were the full might of the Imperium could be brought to bear, or even better to lead the Tyranids towards the domains of heretics and other xenos… The possibilities were endless. Possibilities. He still needed to seize it, whatever “it” was and then escape with it before the millions of Tyranid weapon-beasts already on the surface got to it or annihilated his small strike force. It was a grave risk but the potential gain outweighed the risk and so he gave the order. “Raptors! To your Drop Pods!”

Here is a bit of the battle report for the full battle report press the below link! Hope you enjoy



Great new board! Some old ruins mixed with craters gave a great scenario for a Tyranid waste ground

Tyranid Deployment. What a big swarm of both small and big creatures ready to race forward towards the enemy

Turn 1 (Tyranids)

More movement from Julian see's his army maintain a very well structured line all the way from one side to the other the tiny creatures always in front giving the big MC's cover saves
The towering Castigator Imperial Knight deploys in the centre of the table ready to move forward as quickly as possible and hopefully stop the approaching swarm or atleast slow them down for a round or two

Turn 2 (Tyranids)

The Chapter master Hits first and kills two.

The nids attack back with a great load of attacks on the charge hitting with most of the dice rolls
Turn 5 (Raptors)

The Space Marine squad guard the ruin and crystal objective below

View of the Battle field after turn one, both armies doing their bit and suffering damage but doing damage in

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  1. Ummmm the headline is SM&AM vs eldar but its really SM vs Nids.. might wanna fix that?


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