Hello people,

Today we are proud to release the latest version of our take on warfare in the old world: 1pFB v2.0!

For a long time we had not been very satisfied with our version of fantasy, which felt incomplete and using mechanics that didn’t scale well with big blocks of infantry units. As big fans of fantasy we thought that the best thing to do was to approach 1pFB from a new angle, and to make it be more in line with our take on the 40k universe.

Anyway, the game has fundamentally changed and it feels much better now. The game is faster and more fun, whilst keeping things simple as we like it. We recommend looking at this almost as a new game, but here is a list of what you can expect:
  • Streamlined actions and morale system for a faster game.
  • Re-designed monsters, ordnance and chariots.
  • Re-worked the various types of melee weapons.
  • Simplified army creation and unit composition.
  • Modified spell system to be more in line with 1p40k mechanics.
  • Completely re-worked the advanced rules section.
  • Introduced a campaign system and fan-designed armies.
So, load your cannons, let the monsters out of their cage , and prepare for epic mass battles in the warhammer fantasy universe!

You can download the rules here: https://onepagerules.wordpress.com/portfolio/one-page-fantasy/


  1. So after reading it a little, why do the tomb kings price only have tough(3)? it's a neat little system, but doesn't represent different models stats well. Like how a human is about as durable as a tomb king.


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