The 40kaddict hit the big 40 the other week and there was only one sensible way to celebrate - spend the entire day with your mates playing toy soldiers! Thankfully it was the wife's idea and she even threw in a highly coveted trophy [beat that Tabletop's Wil Wheaton] and 40 whole English Pounds in Games Workshop vouchers for the winner.

As usual I took a load of pictures and attempted to make sense of the action in some Battle Reports, two of which have been published and the third is due out tomorrow. Now these are none of your new-fangled video reports, old fashioned pictures and text, but they were Maelstrom games anyway so I've no idea what was going on. However, the pictures alone should sate any hobbyists appetite, as they include the crazy cool Tau from Blue Warp Studios,

my mate Otty's subtle yet cleanly executed Eldar

venue supplier and all-round good egg - Ben's Ork Stompa list

and my own Ferron Proxima splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Gorgon; battling for the first time on my red planet Realm of Battle Board

You can read the first two battle reports here:
With the final deciding match to come out tomorrow. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. Looks cool - great way celebrate being 40. Will check out your blog.


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