Hi guys,

Over the past months we have been receiving a lot of feedback for Army Men Combat, and with today’s update we hope to expand the game in the direction the fans have been asking for.

The biggest thing people asked for was more unit variety, so in v1.1 we are adding a bunch of stuff. We have added rookie and veteran units to give you more variety of infantry types, which should allow you to play new scenarios (for example spec-ops vs. guerrillas). We have expanded tanks to come in 3 varieties: light, medium and heavy, which should allow you to have a better differentiation and create more exciting tank battles. Finally we have added rules for helicopters and airplanes, which should give you even more variety of things to play with.

Apart from re-working units, we also decided to try and improve the core rules a little. We have re-worked the layout of the rules, and have altered the way difficult terrain and elevation works a little. Additionally we are introducing a new activation system which makes things a little more unpredictable whilst balancing out player activations.

That’s it for this update! Remember that whilst Army Men Combat was written with green army men in mind it can be played with anything, from your 40k miniatures to your WW2 miniatures.

Get Army Men Combat v1.1 here: https://onepagerules.wordpress.com/portfolio/army-men-combat/

Happy Wargaming!


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