In the ruined city, the fires burned. The Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines advanced under the cover of night towards the nervous Imperial Guardsmen. Months of fighting had led to this final moment. All was up for grabs! As the dawn broke, so did the silence... guns, flashes, screams and death. 


  1. Nice batrep.. couple points of note, the narrator is too cheesy, the dramatic narration is too over the top, tone it down a little is my suggestion. Secondly only one side can score the secondary objective first blood hence the name "FIRST" blood so i don't see how both sides got that objective maybe i misunderstood? Also i believe and correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure in order to score FB you have to entirely destroy a unit? That being the case the Alpha Legion should not have gotten First Blood for destroying just the Chimera (a dedicated transport) they would have had to eliminate the squad inside too, no?

    1. Dedicated transports count a separate units for kill points etc.


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