Kharn's Butcherhorde. The end :D

JUST KIDDING!! Welcome back everyone, Matt here again from Blood God Gaming ( with the second installment of "To Field a Chaos Legion", this time focusing on the World Eaters, the blood-crazy servants of Khorne.

Now, jokes aside, Kharn's Butcherhorde is a legitimate way to field a World Eaters army if you want to go with a pure marine-only force. That will not be the focus of this article, however. This article will focus on a mixing and meshing of the Chaos Marine and Chaos Daemon books to create a force that Khorne himself might actually smile at. As with the Thousand Sons, in order to properly field them, we'll need to look at what the legion looks like today, and how that factors into what we have available.

The World Eaters became a fractured mess after a battle in which Kharn scoffed at the idea of self preservation and burninated everyone with a souped up flamer that may or may not be a Tzeentchian weapon (the tricky bugger). Battle of Scalathrax aside, we will be looking to build an army list built around the martial prowess of a Khornate champion. So let's begin.

As the warlord of a World Eaters warband, martial pride is everything. You are going to have the biggest and best toys, followers, mounts, etc, because you fought your hardest and shed your blood (for Khorne) to get it. Getting it doesn't end things either, you then have to fight, tooth and nail, to prove that you are still worthy to hang on to everything you've taken. So, given this, we're going to want a warlord not only with potent skill in close combat, but also with great wargear and great modelling opportunity. Khorne warlords spare no expense in proudly declaring their prowess through any and all means, so we need to reflect that.

In this build, we will be going with the Juggerlord Build: a Chaos Lord with the Mark of Khorne, The Axe of Blind Fury, a Sigil of Corruption, Veterans of the Long War, a Juggernaut, and a Gift of Mutation. So this gives our warlord +1 wound, +1 Attack, and converts him into cavalry for a brutal 7+D6 attacks on the charge, with Hatred vs. Space Marines. Ouch! For his Retinue, it could go one of two ways. Spawn make great meat shields (literally), but for this list we're going to do something different and stick him with ten Chaos Bikes with the Mark of Khorne, two Melta Guns, and a Power Lance on the Champion (for S5 Ap3 on the charge). We'll also throw in Veterans of the Long War for that extra Hatred bonus. If you have the points, an Icon of Wrath could be a nice extra, as well. Your bikes can then jink for a 4+ cover save to better protect your lord (who needs cowardly bullets anyways?) and I DARE you hobbyists out there to convert your bikers as Chaos Knights with fire breathing steeds ;)

From here, we will need a core. Our Lord and retinue are tough but not invincible, and he's going to need troops to help him out and a way to distract enemy fire away from him (Khorne generals are reckless but not stupid. They know standing at full distance from a Leman Russ will get them killed). Since we're doing a CC Khorne army, we're going to take two units of ten Khorne Berserkers with an Icon of Wrath and a Power Lance (S6 AP3 on the charge with the champ's 5 attacks). We're going to be transporting each unit inside of a Chaos Landraider with Extra Armor, Dirge Casters, Destroyer Blades, and Dozer Blades. This ensures they stay moving, they don't eat your passengers, they can punch enemy squads, and they deny overwatch. They also can draw fire from your squishier (relatively speaking) units, and can turn into stationary gunboats once they've deposited their payload. We'll be throwing in a Helblade as well so that you have something to throw at flyers.

For the next step, we're going to dip into the Chaos Daemons book to shore up the list.

I don't know about you, but this army needs anti-psyker defense, and your badass Juggerlord needs some equally badass war-hounds to accompany him into battle. So we're going to start by adding Karanak for his anti-psyker bubble, paired with a group of 10 Flesh Hounds to run with him. To fill out our allied detachment, we're going to take a squad of 17 Bloodletters with a Banner of Blood and keep them in reserve as a distraction unit. Now let's take a look at our army list.

World Eaters Combined Arms Detachment with Chaos Daemons Allied Detachment: 2,000 points.

Chaos Lord
-Axe of Blind Fury
-Sigil of Corruption
-Juggernaut of Khorne
-Gift of Mutation
-Veterans of the Long War


Khorne Beserkers
-5 Extra Berserkers
-Icon of Wrath
-Power Sword

Khorne Beserkers
-5 Extra Berserkers
-Icon of Wrath
-Power Sword

-7 Extra Bloodletters
Banner of Blood


Fast Attack:
Chaos Bikers
-7 Extra Bikers
-2 Melta Guns
-Veterans of the Long War
- Power Lance
-Mark of Khorne

-Helstorm Autocannons

Flesh Hounds
-5 Extra Flesh Hounds

Heavy Support:
Chaos Land Raider
- Dirge Casters
- Extra Armor
- Dozer Blades
- Destroyer Blades

Chaos Land Raider
- Dirge Casters
- Extra Armor
- Dozer Blades
- Destroyer Blades

Now to talk about the list's use in battle!!

RUN FORWARD AND SMASH THINGS. More or less that is the strategy of the World Eaters, so that must be your strategy when using their forces. End every turn closer to your enemy than before, hug cover with your foot sloggers (or declare it beneath you and smash through it, conveniently granting you a cover save against cowardly bullets unworthy of piercing your hide). And play your army VERY aggressively. Khorne is all about aggression and rage, so make sure to play that to your advantage when taking to the battlefied. If the enemy spends his time shooting up your Landraiders, great! That's fire that isn't targeting your bikes or your Flesh Hounds. Just remember, Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, only that it does. So even if you lose, you still win!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD AND KHORNE FOR THE KHORNE FLAKES!! (.....something feels off about that...)

Stay tuned for the next article, featuring the putrid Death Guard!!


  1. i was going to convert some chaos knights in bikers anyway. my Khorneflake army is actually quite similar to this list. (minus daemons, land raiders)

    1. Cool! You should post the WIP on the community page when you get around to it :D

  2. I'm coming up with 2035 points for this list
    CAD - CSM
    HQ - 185 pts
    Troops - 460
    FA - 390
    HS - 530

    AD - CD
    HQ - 120
    Troop - 190
    FA - 160

  3. Dude...Land Raiders are soooooo bad.
    I disagree with a few keyparts of this as a lover of all things Khornate.
    1. Up them to 16 man squads and drop the LRs.
    2. Drop the Daemons. There's better more efficient methods of psychic protection.
    3. Add some Unmarked Chaos Sorcerers for psychic protection. Telepathy is awesome and converting some Sorcerers into "blood priests" is
    4. Use Chaos Spawn. Trust me 15W of S5 T5 is brutal and far better protection. Also, with directional shooting and the relatively fast speed of the Spawn allows for wound shuffling.
    5. Two Maulerfiends. Trust me, with them moving up alongside your lord (maybe with a squad or two of bikes as well) no one will even be looking at your slower moving blobs of Berzerkers.
    6. Min squads of Havoks with Flakk missiles for anti-air, crowd control or light vehicle control.

    I play a list like this and regularly win in my local meta. It's all about using what you've got in the most points efficient and synergistic way possible.


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