Hi all - to finish off a project series of blog posts I thought I would compile a post here, many thanks to Natfka for the invite, so there is a place more gamers could find the links to all 18 of these Warhound project posts in chronological order to hopefully help out anyone else looking to tackle this sort of project.

Starting the Warhound project
Building Feet and more build guides
Two Warhound Titans!
Building the Legs
Building the Torso
Interchangeable Weapons
Painting the Torso interior
Finishing the Torso interior painting
Painting the Armour Panels
Painting the Legs
Finishing the Torso and Head build
Painting the Head
Painting the Carapace
Finishing the Torso
Attaching the Torso
Plasma Blastgun
Vulcan Mega Bolter
Canis Ferrum lives - the finished Warhound

Hope you find these posts by my good friend and fellow Weemen contributor 'the6thdegree' useful and it inspires you to tackle your own Titan project. Thanks, Siph @ Weemen.blogspot.co.uk


  1. Exceptionally great work, I'm inspired to throw down the $300 or so dollars and start my own warhound titan.. gotta finish all the projects I'm working on now though, if/when i do a titan it to be the focus of my efforts entirely. A couple of questions before checking your blog.. how long start to finish would you say the project was? How many hours roughly? And what were some of the more difficult aspects? Anything that was particularly tricky?

  2. @ Nightfury - thanks for the feedback! I can't say I'm a pro as this was my first titan build, but it sounds like you will approach it in the same way - clear off everything else so you are only focussed on this one project and most importantly - take your time.

    That said, it took about 3 months exactly from start to finish, based on an hour or two a weeknight and maybe 8 hours a weekend on average.

    I found the hardest part working out the pose; you build these from the ground up, so I was concerned that a mistake with the foot positioning could affect the entire model - so I pretty much dry built everything below the torso and temporarily pinned it to experiment with. It actually turned out simpler than I expected - kind of like building a giant Contemptor...the ball and socket joints make posing pretty easy and forgiving.

    Other than that it was just a case of planning and the old measure twice, cut once mantra. Good luck!


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