What's On Your Table:
Blood Angels by Jeff

What's on your table is an opportunity for readers to share what they are working on. Conversions, painting, batreps, even side home brew projects. If you want to Share "What's On Your Table". Please no more than 8 pics, send your project to natfka@live.com. If for any reason you do not want your name used, please say so.


  1. Looking great so far! I'm gonna have to show my friend that first picture - hopefully it'll nudge him into getting his own BAs painted up. When all those Termies are painted that pretty, you will have a mighty fine army on your hands.

  2. Nice job! The only thing i don't care for are the blue blood drops. using Khorne red with a nuln oil was then wild rider and wazdakka red highlights to create some beautiful gem effects .


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