What's On Your Table: A New Necron Dynasty
Last time I sent you some of my Tyranids, and some pics from Afghanistan.  This time it’s new Necrons.  And yes, that is a battery connected to the Nightscythe.  Youtube video of it can be seen here: https://youtu.be/7tmud6VHeTs

It was my first attempt to use LEDs and Fiberoptics in a model.  Made some mistakes, learned some lessons…making a new one as soon as replacement parts come in.

Happy Wargaming, and keep up the good work
SSG. David “E-Z” Ezell

What's on your table is an opportunity for readers to share what they are working on. Conversions, painting, batreps, even side home brew projects. If you want to Share "What's On Your Table". Please no more than 8 pics, send your project to natfka@live.com. If for any reason you do not want your name used, please say so.


  1. Man. I see really good painting like this, and I go "Wooow, I need to try doing OSL effects, maybe I'll be able to do it that well. Wooow, next time I start a new army I need to give them a really slick colour scheme like that." But I see fibre-optics and LEDs done this well and any sort of rational how-does-that-work/how-can-I-do-that shuts down and I just go "Oooooh, pretty."

    Great work on all of these, but the Nightscythe in particular is quality. It looks like a miniature prop from a film!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Honestly, I started this hobby as a way to pass time between missions in Afghanistan, and I have been hooked ever since. Almost everything I have learned was from The University of Youtube, and specifically from Schnauzerface Minis. Andrew from that channel is hugely talented, and his tutorials are the basis of everything I do.

      As for the LEDs...Like you, I saw the products that Poweredplay gaming has put out and went "Ooooooh! Lets jack around with this!" Even though that Nightscythe may well be my best work (Although my Exocrine is pretty cool too, seen on a previous "Whats on your table") I am actually very disappointed in it. Simply because *I* know where all the mistakes are. However, I learned from those mistakes, and am planning out Nightscythe 2.0, and just waiting for supplies to come in.

      If you have any questions on how I do anything at all, feel free to ask. It would be my pleasure to drop any info I can to help your armies out.


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