What's On Your Table:
Just thought I'd submit this as a major conversion done by a gamer rather than a modeller/sculpter/painter.

I liked the idea of a Tyranid Knight, but wanted to have one that was going to be identical to the original in terms of dimensions for game purposes.  So after getting all the vital measurements from a friend of mine (PascalNZ), I set to work replicating the basic structure and size.  The Shoulders and head were my starting point, because they gave me the width and depth I needed.

I'm a player first and foremost, and this will almost certainly be my most ambitious project in terms of modelling.  One thing to note: the base was designed with the rules in mind, so that the lines separating the concrete are used to determine Armour facing.  I'm not done with the painting yet, so any suggestions in that regard would be greatly received.



  1. 'Major conversion' seems like an understatement! What on earth is actually in this beast? Seriously impressive work.

    Painting tipswise... well, what are you going for? Something to break up all that green on the body would look great, particularly on such a big model. The carapace looks very flat, but I've no idea what stage you're at with painting that bit (though the blood on the tail makes me think the carapace isn't just completely unpainted). So some highlights on the carapace and the (restrained) use of a few more colours around the model (particularly in the large expanses of green) would, I think, be entirely worth the effort. And some texture on the bits of base that aren't covered by slabs. Of course, much of this may already be on your to-do list...

    I will end this bracket-fest of a comment by suggesting, only half-jokingly, that you just paint it like the Gargantua from Half-Life that it already closely resembles.


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