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Today we are celebrating the one year anniversary of OPR, but first we have a new and exciting update for you!


When we started OPR one of our main goals was to create a simple and fast way for veterans gamers to introduce new people into the hobby, and we thought that only they would find our rules, and then they could “hand-hold” newbies through the first steps of playing a miniatures wargame. What we had not predicted however was just how many novice gamers would find our rules and start playing without the aid of a veteran gamer.

Whilst we are very happy to see newbies take initiative, we understand that learning a wargame by yourself can be very hard, especially when you have never played one before. In order to help novice gamers out today we are introducing the 1p40k Beginner’s Guide.

The Beginner’s Guide is a 10 page explanation of the 1p40k core rules, plus an introduction to basic wargaming mechanics such as how to move miniatures or roll-off. It takes players through every step of the gaming process with pictures and explanations, and generally reads like a “complete” ruleset.
Veterans can easily skip this one, but we recommend to give it a read to anyone who is new to wargaming, or is coming back to it after a long hiatus. We really hope you like it, and if it is successful we are going to make other guides for our remaining core games.

On a side note, today we are also slightly changing the layout of the rules pages in an attempt to make it easier to find files. We have removed some of the files which were included in the “complete” editions since only a small fraction of people actually downloaded those. Please leave us some feedback on the new layout. Like it? Hate it?
1p40k - Beginner s Guide v2.12-page-003

On a fateful Sunday, back in April of 2014, I stumbled upon the following thread on /tg/: http://ambushalleygames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=11903

It was a simple battle report from someone that used Tomorrow’s War to play with his 40k miniatures, and it had some nice pictures of the action.

When I saw that thread something in me clicked. Somewhere between the excitement of seeing those pictures and me actually playing a game of 40k, I blocked at the reminder of how frustrating it can be to require hundreds of pages of rules to play a simple game of toy soldiers. I looked online for something that would be fast to learn and simple to play, but all I could find was not 40k related, and everything 40k related I could find was overly complex and just tried to “fix” the GW rules.

That’s when I sat down and wrote the first draft of 1p40k and posted it on /tg/.

A year later here we are, one of the biggest and fastest growing homebrew site for 40k and WHFB, and its all thanks to you!

To celebrate the occasion we have put together whatever stats we could scramble together from this past year of OPR, and we hope you find them interesting.

Overall Page Stats
  • Total Views: 108.998
  • Total Visitors: 32.992
  • Total Downloads: 38.992
  • Total Countries: 110
Social Media Stats
  • Facebook Followers: 245
  • WordPress Followers: 72
  • Twitter Followers: 39
  • Reddit Followers: 32
Forum Stats
  • Total Threads: 115
  • Total Posts: 718
  • Total Members: 79
Top 5 Referrers
  1. Tabletop Gaming News
  2. 1d4chan
  3. Search Engines
  4. Reddit
  5. Facebook
Top 5 Views by Country
  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
Top 5 Downloaded Games
  1. One Page 40k
  2. One Page Kill Team
  3. One Page Fantasy
  4. Grimdark Racing
  5. Hammer Wars


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