Going on with the second Triarch Character is the Centurion, the individual in command of a Century, that is composed of a hundred Praetorians. Three Centuries make up a Tribune, five Tribunes make up a Battalion, ten Battalions make up a Legion. Each of the ten Triarch Imperators is in total command of twenty million Triarch Legions, thus commanding no less than three hundred billion Praetorians!

I made a post in a forum with more details, here:

Pictures of the Centurion model below!

The menu of the models used to construct the Centurion is as follows:

Newest Plastic Overlord (the one with the Voidreaper) for legs, body, hands and cloak.
Command Barge Plastic Overlord's Head,
Dark Eldar Scourges Wings
Four Immortal Gauss Rods
2 Hyperphase Sword Blades
Plastic Overlord Scythe Tip
Praetorian's Spine and Back "Ribs"

Way simpler than the last conversion! About his fluff:


At the head of every Triarch Century stands a Centurion, an individual that serves as the living proof of the cold view of the Necrons towards life. Each is in command of a hundred Praetorians and wields power and authority second only to the Tribunars and Praetors themselves. Since the times of old, it was within a Centurion’s power to doom whole cities to fiery oblivion or to strip any Necrontyr noble of all rank and ribbon if that meant the laws of the Triarch would be rightly upheld. So did they become images of terror among the Necrontyr people, who feared for their lives at the passing of one of those most grim of leaders. It was their duty to ensure a state of order among the empire, an order often achieved only through violent torments and bitter warfare. Many times the Centurions had to lead their men in battle against all kinds of rebellion. Under the watchful gaze of a Centurion, entire continents burned, Dynasties annihilated and uprising tyrants were brought to their knees at the hands of the pitiless Castigators serving at the side of the Centurions.

Biotranference did little to change the reputation of the Centurions. They still lead their immortal soldiers from the front as they did before, fighting with precisely calculated blows and mighty strikes all guided by a most unyielding resolve. After the War In Heaven when the Necrons were put to the great Slumber and the Praetorians were withdrawing to the Necrontyr homelands at the northern galactic rim, it was the undisputed chain of command formed within every Century that prevented the Eldar from outmaneuvering the Praetorians’ forces and reach for the massacres against the warriors of the Dynasties. With but the slightest nod of their glowing eyes the Centurions would regroup and reform the Choirs with unbelievable swiftness and precision, directing their Praetorians and adapting their battle plans to both offensive and defensive protocols at a moment’s notice. While cruel and unforgiving, their deeds proved pivotal in many campaigns that would have seen the tide of the war change had it not for the barely noticeable yet vital commands and tactics employed by the leaders of the Praetorians. It was a bitter time for the empire of the Necrons, as with the Dynasties sleeping, the Praetorians had to face the Eldar alone, outnumbered a thousand to one all along.
Now that they are not bound to a frail Necrotyr body, they are free to roam the galaxy in search of their next target in service to the Imperators without the uncertainty of their own existence. Many lesser creatures observing a Centurion on the battlefield spoke of living gods among mortals single-handedly laying waste to entire armies. Indeed, the fighting skills and strength of those Necrons is far superior to that of the most strong and disciplined humans and the speed at which a Centurion’s mind functions and processes data far outpaces that of a mere mortal. Under the undisputed command of one among their Order, the forces of the Triarch march to war to fight and die in the name of their race always ready to throw themselves into the most unforgiving warzones and against the most heavily fortified enemy stronghold should their lord command them to. Once the battle begins, the Centurions race forward accompanied by their chosen bodyguards and smash their way through enemy squads and armoured spearheads in wrathful and sleek slashes of their weapons each too powerful and unpredictable to counter in time before their finely crafted blades hit home, severing limbs from bodies and hacking down the armoured plates of battle tanks with terrifying ease. Few have fought a Triarch Centurion in single combat and lived to tell the tale, and such would be an as bloody as unbelievable tale that few would pay heed to.

The quality and might of the weaponry used by the Triarch Centurions is the same to that of the weaponry used by the rest of the Necron race in terms of efficiency and cutting power, yet it is not the weapon that makes the difference, but the wielder himself. Every Centurion is an expert at wielding any kind of weapon available to the race, wielding Voidblades, Warscythes and, only in cases of the direst need, even a dreaded Destroyer Blade or even more powerful weapons. Yet most Triarch Centurions commonly go to war with a Staff of Power, a symbol of great honor and authority, or a Warscythe if they would prefer to just hack asunder all opposition before them. As a standard sidearm weapon, every Centurion wields a Hyperphase sword as a reminder of swordsmanship, the premier art of ritual dueling between rival Necrontyr nobles eons ago. Yet they are not limited to these weapons alone. Every Triarch Centurion has a personal armory consisting of a variable amount of different weapons, both ranged and melee from which to choose before every battle begins.

Even though many Triarch Centurions think differently as to which style of warfare they will employ in every battle, all warmly welcome the honorable duel between their rival warlords in the midst of the battle. As soon as the enemy warlord is identified, a present Centurion will prioritize the confrontation of said enemy commander in single combat to recreate the sacred fights of Necrontyr generals. Always employing the ancient ritual duels between rival champions, a Centurion fighting toe-to-toe with the most powerful enemy commander on the battlefield is a reminder of the limitless glory of the old Necrontyr empire in its struggle for evolution and improvement. Once the lesser creature falls to the superior fighting skills of its adversary, a Centurion often imprisons the weak and dying foe in a Tesseract Labyrinth for later judgment by the Interrogator of the Century to determine if the foe is actually worth keeping alive and been brought before the throne of an Imperator for final judgment. Should the humbled foe be qualified, it is taken by one of the Imperator’s Archangels to a place unknown, to a fate even more unknown…

Most Centurions are calm, cautious and noble individuals who can easily handle political matters and aid their superiors by providing valuable advice and information to serve the Triarch’s ends. Cunning beyond a normal diplomat, many use their infinitely sharp minds to create schemes and plots that always prove legal according to the laws of the Triarch. No matter what chance might arise, a Centurion will never infringe the ancient laws of its race. After every battle, the Centurions all report the events that unfolded to their respective superiors, thus assuring an unbreakable matrix of information that can be used to aid diplomatic issues should an educated foe rise to protest against the noble work of the Praetorians.

Devoted to the very end to serving the Triarch, every Centurion independently commands its Century, guiding its men to the destinations deemed critical by the Imperator. With the loyalty of their men assured and forces defying the laws of nature in their grasp, the Centurions have become the stuff of legend throughout much of the galaxy, and many are the tales that go unbelieved by the alien masses speaking of the great acts of fury and valor of the Centurions on the field of battle. Unflinching and upright, they march to war determined to reclaim what is rightfully their race’s and keep the Dynasties from falling, one way or another.

And this is it for the Triarch Centurions! Next up will be for an Elites choice of the codex!


  1. I am surprised to be the first to comment on this!

    An incredibly wonderful model, lovely dynamic pose and the paint job just really fits the fluff, I think brassy colours gives off a good antiquated authority air.

    Good job sir.

  2. Fantastic work! I looove seeing armies designed with carefully thought-out fluff.

    I'm also very impressed at how well the organic-looking wings have mapped onto the distinctly un-organic body. It was an excellent choice to use the same brassy colour on the covert feathers.

  3. Love the whole package, the model the fluff, the idea!
    Do you have any homegrown rules?

  4. Yes of course! If you check the third article about the Doomknights you will see some rules listed. They are still subject to change though


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