1. Always good to hear ways to make the sisters work

  2. Just thought i'd say, your list and a few comments about stats aren't quite correct :)

    1. Well how about you elaborate on that.

    2. primer: I own 8k of SoB... and play them regularly. I don't consider myself an authority, but I know what works for me.
      Corrections on your video.
      1) Saint Sillystine does not "keep getting back up" she is now a once per game faith ability that she can indeed fail to get off.
      2) Repentia are not Strength 8 in close combat... they are Strength 3 naturally the Eviscerator would push them to Str 6 Ap2 armorbane
      3) "no one does flamers better than sisters" I feel is a horribly uninformed statement...
      Baal Predator w/ flame cannon > Immolator
      SoB army has zero access to AP3 flamers available on the landraider, baal predator, or Heldrake. Without taking promethium pipes fortification they have zero access to torrent, which is something that the IG do better than the SoB on the Hellhound
      I concede they have more access to standard flamers and heavy flamers than other armys, however its all bog standard and bland without all the special wargear everyone else gets that does the job better. Sorry for the rant... its a major pet peeve of mine.
      4) TL Multimelta is rarely consistant first turn anti-tank, you start a minimum of 24 inches apart, unless your opponent is daft he isn't going to let you within 12 inches to get the 2d6 armor pen unless of course you are going to risk it all by snap shooting the troop immolators. The only ones that could pull it off are the fast attack ladies but that is not your suggestion.

      I run mine pretty straight forward... sadly since the digital codex has been out I have discovered that the Cannoness and Saint are not worth their salt, which is sad since they are easily my favorite bits of the army.

      load up on base squads, Immolator transport with TL Multimelta, 5x battle sisters including the basic veteran w/ combiflamer, 1 with heavy flamer, 1 with meltagun. each one of them attach a Ministorum Priest with a combi melta. Each squad then has 2x flame templates, 2x melta shots and 2x bolters on doubletap. When you get into close combat... because you will... The preist should pull his weight and give you rerollable saves. The squads wil go away but this way you can set their killers in a kill box when they find themselves free after a longer set of assault phases than they intended.

      2x of the fast attack dominion squads are totally worth including... 4x special weapons in a small squad, the ability to once per game ignore cover and confer scout to their transport is something special.

      Exorcists... yes take atleast a couple. because its the best shooting they get. No lascannons, plasma, auto/assault cannons, battle cannons, missile launchers, serpent wubwub guns, sternguard ammos none of that stuff that you regularly need to pop bigger things.

      worst things in the book:
      Condemnor boltgun. seriously facepalm.jpg
      Celestians... 14 points each for ws4 and 2 attacks and once per game furious charge. Charging with T3 is almost always a substandard choice over their shooting.

  3. Good thing you preface with featuring Penitent Engines. Saves me the time of having to click through and wonder if it's actually good analysis.


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