Hi guys,

Today we are excited to bring you a new army and a ton of new units for 1p40k. We noticed we had been missing some of the newer releases, so this update makes up for it and then some.The biggest addition is the new Harlequins as a standalone faction, but there are also some new units for the Tyranids and updates to some of the already existing units. Here is the changelog:
  • 1p40k – Vehicles now only roll on the damage table once when taking multiple wounds
  • Space Marines – Captain now has the new Tactics special rule; Chaplain now has the Tough special rule
  • Orks – Slightly re-worded the Waagh! special rule to affect units with Fast
  • Eldar – Removed Harlequins
  • Harlequins – Added the Harlequins as a stand-alone faction with all of the new units
  • Necrons – Scarab Swarms now come in groups of 3
  • Tyranids – Added Mucolid Spore, Toxicrene, Maleceptor, Tyrannocyte and Sporocyst; Removed Mycetic Spore; Spore Mines now come in groups of 3; Mine Launchers now shoot either 3 Spore Mines or 1 Mucolid Spore
  • Vampire Counts – Fixed Blood Knights point cost mistake
Get 1p40k: https://onepagerules.wordpress.com/portfolio/one-page-40k/
Get 1pKT: https://onepagerules.wordpress.com/portfolio/one-page-kill-team/
Get 1pFS: https://onepagerules.wordpress.com/portfolio/one-page-skirmish/

Happy Wargaming!



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