After a brief hiatus, Invasive Wargaming is back with another Tau model showcase. This time, a pinup female fire warrior that I use as an alternative sculpt Shadowsun.

I picked this model up off of ebay a few weeks ago and finally got her painted up. Its the most Tau flesh that I've painted, and so I was excited for the challenge. I started with a base of The Fang then washed with Druchii Violet and drybrushed and highlighted with progressively lighter mixtures of the fang and white. Her armor is painted white in order to reflect her use as shadowsun, and her stature is appropriate for that use as well if you include the height of her weapon. Check out the video below for more.

Check out my youtube channel covering Tau, Tyranids, and Blood Angels tactica, battle reports, and hobby. There's also a little bit of Wood Elves sprinkled in there for good measure and for those of us who enjoy right angles on our bases.


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