As promised here I have another Triarch unit for you all. This belongs to the Elites section of the FOC.

I made a post in a forum with more details, here:

This time the entry is for the Doomknights, the Praetorians responsible for punishing the Necron nobles who infringe the ancient laws.

For the model I used the following bits:
- Morghast wings
- New Overlord Warscythe and hands
- CCB Overlord Warscythe blade
- CCB Overlord body, legs cut and reposed
- Morghast ribs
- Praetorian head
- Lots of Greenstuff to make the cloak and hood

Here are some pictures of the first Doomknight (Please note that the left weapon is missing as i haven't yet decided on its secondary close combat weapon.. chainsickle or scourge?):

Here goes their background:


The ancient Necrontyr venerated the gods of death and unlife in many ways. One such way was the Silent King creating a new type of Choir in which the Praetorians would be fighting in as the living representations of Aza’gorod, the god of the dead. Thus new weapons were forged especially to arm those dread individuals and cloaks and hoods covered their frail fleshy bodies from head to toe. Given one Doomsday Annex each, every Doomknight was a dark figure from whose gaze all fled and whose weapons all struck fell. Their purpose was as simple as terrifying: To give the Dynasties something to fear. Indeed, while an honorable Phaeron had nothing to fear from these deadly Praetorians, none would question the will of the Triarch in the same way again, as all knew that to do so would mean to literally invite death in their household. The sight of a Mortis Choir arriving on a Tomb World often meant horrible news for the respective dynasty, and its nobles sundered in terror upon facing the enforcers of the laws coming to judge them for their transgressions of protocol.

After receiving their immortal metal bodies, the Domknights emerged from the Bio-Furnaces immersed even deeper into dreadfulness and terror, with the same cloaks that forever escorted their living bodies turned into long, black capes of living shadow and death whose mere touch was enough to drive the victim irreparably into depression and madness. Their frames bore strength and stamina enough to go toe to toe with Imperial Dreadnoughts and crush battle tanks with the same ease they could with one grasp of their clawed armored hands shatter bones and reduce the rest of the body of a more lightly-armored foe to fleshy powder. On the battlefield, the Mortis Choirs had the role of causing havoc and anarchy among the lines of the foe, where their grim visage and superior strength would produce an unstoppable force of death hacking and maiming the living in great swathes of blades all glittering with a deathly emerald light upon every blow landed and every life ended.
There is little the Doomknights do not know about the place of everyone in things. Ever since the beginning of the work of the Hallowed Order of Szarekh they were assigned their purpose as the keepers of the Necrontyr race. Their duty would be to hand-pick the most resolute and honorable human prisoners that were tested in every way by the Interrogators that surrendered them and should they find them worthy, take them away in fates unknown to all but them and the Imperators.

Thus while the sight of a Doomknight coming to meet a Phaeron might shake the nerve of even the most resolute Necron, those messengers of death are in truth among the most zealous and noble of the Praetorians, with the entire plan of the Silent King strictly kept secret in their minds as they humbly execute their part. Time is the enemy of every Praetorian, and especially of the Doomknights, as with every passing hour the Tyranids are pushing the tendrils of their Hive Fleets deeper into the galaxy, and the Mortis Choirs must now work with Zenorque and his brothers to save what they can before the Great Devourer consumes all hope that is left for the Necrontyr.

The Doomknights belong to the Veiled brotherhood, and as such the undisputed leader of the Mortis Order is Ronikh the Nightshadow. Secretly working with the Lord Assassin, the Doomknights are always fighting where the Absolute needs them to, and the coming of a single Choir in any place at any given time is unknowingly the will of the Imperator and thus the will of the Silent King himself. Woe betide anyone who questions the authority of a Doomknight, for to do so is to question the word of both Zenorque and Szarekh alongside, an action that is always met with death, for while truly the Deathknights are secretly infinitely benevolent, if they are ordered to ruthlessly execute an annoying interloper by their superiors, they will.

And these are the Mortis Choirs! As promised some rules will be included, though nothing like the full range of their rules ; that would need a wholly new article in its own right!

WS5   BS4  S5  T5 W2  I2  A3  Ld10  Sv3+
Jump Infantry, 3 in a unit, 50pts each
Unit Sergeant is the Doom Reaper, who has A4 and the "Senator" special rule.
Everybody is equipped with Warscythes, Doomsday Annexes (wings. Lots of integrated weapons and fear-causing abilities), Hunting Hoods(Nihtvision, auto-passes Blind tests and causes Fear), Ghostwalk Mantles and Phase Shifters. Second weapon is either Soulfire Scourges(fleshbane) or Chainsickles(latchenemies to immobilize or drag them).
Special rules: Crusaders(like normal), The Codes of Battle(army-wide special ule with a ton of sub-rules), From the Darkness(Unit has Shrouded the turn they deploy or teleport), Rain of Vengeance(Army-wide upgrade, makes unit deepstrike differently), Fear, Hunters from Hyperspace, Etherial Interception, Scouts)

What is this shadow stalking the foe? We will surely find out soon...


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