What's On Your Table
I thought of this when I wanted a lord of war and I just don't think the existing model fits in with the look of the current nids. I started this with a tyranofex kit which I found is about the same size as a heirodule body, just not as bulky and 1980's looking. I then shortened all the back vents, modified the carapace, kit bashed some harpy weapons onto carnifex arms and modified the head to get the final model. Sorry I didn't take mor WIP pics as I was building it. It's at my paint station now so hopefully it will get painted soon.



  1. do post pictures somewhere or a link with pictures when you have painted this beast of a kitbash. also good to know that T-fex body is almost same dimensions of Bio Titan Barbed Heirodule (well for newer nids are sleeker so makes sense to have a bio titan also blend more with modern aesthetics)

  2. Great idea and execution, I second the request for a link with pictures when it's been painted. I love the look of the base as well, it always pays to give that big space some extra attention with larger models.

  3. I'm pretty stoked on this, good work man! I think some beefier legs might help it look a bit more balanced like a T'rex or the Heirodule kit but it looks as good as it needs to get the job done.



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