What's On Your Table: IG Veteran Grenadiers

Hello Natfka, thought I'd throw my hat into the ring with some Imperial Guard Veteran Grenadiers I'm working on made with bits from Forgeworld, Anvil Industry and Victoria Miniatures. I've found the Anvil Industry legs work very well for Guard for carapace, and thought to add the sights from Victoria Miniatures for that little touch to their Lasrifles.

Looking forward to seeing what people think of them.


  1. I'm working on IG vet's also :) these look really nice! Mine are a just Cadians with a few minor kit bash conversions and dynamic poses. Good luck with the project and I can't wait to see them finished.

  2. Hey, just a heads up, since I submitted these I've finished the entire squad. Pretty happy with how they all came out.


    1. Wow! they look great, love the traditional paint scheme, and the Chimera looks awesome with the auto cannon conversion.

    2. These are absolutely excellent! I was a little doubtful about the legs pre-painting (they look almost Tau-y), but with the paintjob they're spot on.

  3. I like them, painted they look even better. However i dont like the angle the sarg has the bolter. That is a massive gun for a guardsman to hold like that


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