Hello All,

My name is John, I am from the Warhammer 40k Gaming club Ascension. I have been playing the game since 2009 and started to play it competitively since 2012. I have one GT so far and won a couple other minor tournaments with countless other placings with in the top 5. Just recently I have started to do Battle Reports and posting them to my YouTube channel. The Type of reports I will be doing are fighting competitive lists to show you out there how well they do. I also plan to do Tactica videos about how to combat certain lists and metas that we are seeing that many don't want to play against because they don't want to get tabled by turn 2. I personally aspire to be the best Tyranid player in the world and I love what I do so I hope to all that read and watch my Bat Raps thank you and please Remember to "Like" and "Subscribe" to my channel for upcoming releases.

In this video I test out my new ITC legal 2000 Point Tyranid force. I go against arguably Tyrainds hardest opponent in that of it being Tau....

Here is video below, hope you all enjoy! Remember to "Like" and "Subscribe" and Thank you!


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