Hello Faeit Community!

My name is Henry South and last August I was honoured to have my miniatures featured in John Blanches "Blanchitsu" article.

Since then my projects have been building in size, from single heavily converted miniatures, to big stompy knights that I have a worrying addiction to.

But my sights have been set higher for a while now, a Reaver Titan to really push the boat out. Then the Warlord stomped into all our lives and I faced the wrath of my wife and placed my order!

As a visual effects and concept artist by trade I find it difficult to just keep in mind how a project will pan out. I have to make sure something will work out either on computer or in a sketchbook before I start cutting up ridiculously expensive sculpts like this. 

With that in mind I have started a new blog to document every step of the design process in bringing my relic titan to life. From proper pose studies to concept and research. This blog wont contain "unboxing" videos (because everyone and my dog has seen those by now), or gratuitous resin weighing, (there might be a photo of the box as I wont be able to contain myself), and fair warning there will be the odd picture of my dog/personal trainer Alfie.

I'll be approaching it as I would a character design for a film. But with me as the client. I can't wait to start this project and with the support of the Faeit community and G+ 40k board I am sure its going to be a blast! 

Join me over at 


to watch the project unfold.
Thank you Natfka for featuring me up here and happy painting,

Henry & Alfie


  1. This looks very exciting - thanks for bringing it to our attention, Natfka. Reminds me of the old Forge World Masterclass books, plus extreme developer commentary! Can't wait to liberally steal techniques and ideas.


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